Anani CloseupThe Friday Harbor Animal Protection Society, is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization. We are proud to serve the people and animals of San Juan Island with a variety of programs including adoptions, low income spay/neuter vouchers, dog licensing and humane education for children of all ages. Building a community of compassion is our goal – through adoption of homeless pets, humane education, abuse investigation, and community outreach and leadership.

    Our Mission:

    • TO REDUCE Pet Overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance
    • TO ADOPT Unwanted homeless pets into quality homes
    • TO PROTECT Animals from neglect, abuse, and abandonment
    • TO ADVOCATE For their welfare through education and direct assistance
    • TO PROMOTE Greater appreciation of human and animal interactions.

    Events & Happenings


    The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor has announced Mike Halette has been named Volunteer of the Month.   Mike is regular visitor to the shelter where he walks dogs, visits with cats and helps out with odd jobs …

    Posted at June 7, 2016 |By Shelter Updates |Categories Shelter News
  • Dodie Gann Dog Walk Winners!!!

    May 30, 2016

    While Saturday’s weather wasn’t ideal for walking dogs, several supporters of the animal shelter showed up to participate in the Third Annual Dodie Gann Dog Walk at the site of the future animal shelter on Cattle Point Road.
    Three grand prizes were awarded to those who raised the most …

    Posted at May 30, 2016 |By Wes E |Categories Shelter News

    The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor has announced that Louise Deacon is the Volunteer of the Month for April.
    Louise can be counted on to show up at the animal shelter every Wednesday to help out with any job …

    Posted at May 10, 2016 |By Shelter Updates |Categories Shelter News
  • Join us Saturday, May 28 for the Third Annual Dodie Gann Dog Walk to benefit APS-FH. Gather sponsors and win great prizes!

    Benefiting The Animal Protection Society o11:00-2f Friday Harbor Saturday, May 28, 2016 994 Cattle Point Road 10:00-11:30 Dog Walk :00 Pet Lover’s Fair Start Gathering Sponsors Now! Fun for the Whole Family! WIN GREAT PRIZES!

    Posted at April 12, 2016 |By Shelter Updates |Categories Shelter News
  • Islanders walk over 1,000 miles with their dogs to raise money for Animal Shelter!

    It’s a well-known fact that folks here on San Juan Island love their dogs. This week marked over 1000 miles walked over the last six months by island residents and their dogs using a smart phone application called, Wooftrax; every mile walked raising money for The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor.

    The …

    Posted at April 8, 2016 |By Wes E |Categories Shelter News


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