About Us

GIRLDOG_001The Friday Harbor Animal Protection Society, founded in 1982, is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization. We are proud to serve the people and animals of San Juan Island with a variety of programs including adoptions, low income spay/neuter vouchers, and humane education for children of all ages. Through our outreach, advocacy, and services, we strive to ensure that animal protection and companionship is accessible.

The Friday Harbor Animal Protection Society (FHAPS) is private and receives no local, state or federal support with the exception of a small portion of county dog license fees.  Building a community of compassion is our goal – through adoption of homeless pets, humane education, abuse investigation, and community outreach and leadership.

Our Mission:

  • TO REDUCE Pet Overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance
  • TO ADOPT Unwanted homeless pets into quality homes
  • TO PROTECT Animals from neglect, abuse, and abandonment
  • TO ADVOCATE For their welfare through education and direct assistance
  • TO PROMOTE Greater appreciation of human and animal interactions.

rescue dog at animal shelter san juan islandHOW AND WHAT WE DO

Funding: The APS-FH is solely funded by private donations with the exception of a nominal portion of dog license fees since 1982. APS-FH has been able to provide abandoned or relinquished dogs and cats a warm kennel, food, healthcare, kindness, and adoptable animals a new, responsible forever home. With these funds we are able to provide the above services and meet our mission goals through a variety of programs.

Volunteers: Simply stated… VOLUNTEERS SAVE LIVES! Without our caring devoted volunteers the APS-FH would not be able to survive. On any visit to the Friday Harbor shelter you will find one or more of these animal advocates donating their time and skills to promote a better world for animals and our community. From walking dogs to answering phones our shelter runs like a fine oiled machine with their love.